Wednesday, May 23, 2012


jadi ada promo student privillege n di salah satu toko yang berpartisipasi adalah Etude dengan promo cashback 50% jadi mupeng :3

ceritanya janjian sama temen gue, si Vani buat liat2 di situ..
I just did window shopping and she bought some products..

firstly she exchange her certificate to the membership card and start looking for some products after some girls decided to stop being in the shop..
and she spent after 700k then the shopkeeper told her to make the membership and she said that she'd got it from exchanging her certificate..
the shopkeeper asked me if I had got and I said no and she ask Vani to take it for me and yes, I finally had it..

here it is..

thank you, Vani Sagita

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