Sunday, June 24, 2012

My First Made Bakcang

actually, I didn't make the bakcang..
I just wrapped and tied some of them,hehe..

bakcang, according to my hometown culture, contains ebi (small salty prawn), chai pou (I can't explain how does it taste because I don't like it), soy sauce cooked pork, mushroom (forgot what the kind is) and peanuts :9
and the most important ingredient is GLUTINOUS RICE and wrap it using bakcang leaves..

I love the most :9

chai pou




glutinous rice

bakcang leaves

these were tied by my mom
she's the master LOL

after wrapping and tying those based ingredients, boiled them in the hot boiled water till they are done

they're done

here's the look :D

I wrapped this one tough :p

they are yummy, aren't they??

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