Friday, February 15, 2013

valentine's day activity

hello everybody...
it's been a long time no posting..

I just had a bad news that my mom has passed away last month..
but I thank God for healing my mom even if He had to call my mom :')

yesterday was February, 14th 2013 which meant yesterday was Valentine's day..
so no date for a single like me,hahaha..
but I did an interesting thing with my single friends,hahaha..
we baked some egg tart..
and I got this recipe from my mom..

come and see :D

what you need is:
flour,butter,eggs,white sugar,milk,water and some pandan leaves

stir 8 eggs in another bowl..
boil 2 cup of water,white sugar,milk and pandan leaves and let it warm then put your stir eggs into..
mix an egg with flour and butter until they don't stick your hand *of course you have to wash your hands before mixing though :p*

mold the dough unto the pan and bake it until it's half-baked
pour the stir eggs into the half-baked dough

bake them until done

here are us LOL~
accidentally celebrated Valentine's day together at my house,hahaha
from left: Tommy - ME - Regita - Aldy

with the new comer - Tantyo

pictures were taken by Doni


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