Monday, November 11, 2013

my sunday thing

hi everybody.. 
I want to share some food I tried at Fish N' Chef on my sunday (luckily I got my off day XD )

this place is located at Ruko Sentra Eropa, Kota Wisata, Cibubur..
actually I'm not really interested in pancake..
but their menu made me want to try and I tried a Red Velvet Pancake that costs Rp 10k (for dine in only~ terms and conditions apply)..
my cute little cousin named Lovely had her Spaghetti Carbonara..
and we had a drink called Black and White..

here are the pictures and a bit description (as I remember) :D

Red Velvet Pancake

actually I have never been eating pancake because I'm not that interested with this food, so I can't describe more about this pancake..
but I'd share what I tasted :p
this pancake has a soft and dense texture..
I could feel its warmth in my mouth every time I put it in..
its vanilla ice cream tasted great with peanut chunks in it..
and it's garnished with a sweet love shaped strawberry..
it costs Rp 10k

Lovely's Spaghetti Carbonara

this Spaghetti Carbonara has a not bad taste with its yummy cream sauce and smoked beef..
garnished with scrambled egg on top..
a recommended one :D
I forget its price :|

Black and White

the waitress said that it's called Black and White because of the colour (yaiyalahyah)..
this drink contains milk and lychee syrup with micro (lebay yah) chop grass jelly so they could float..
a must try too :D
it costs Rp 25k

that's all,pals..
see ya on my next post :D

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