Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Panties Pizza

hi everybody!!
I'd like to share about a pizza store at Benton Karawaci, Tangerang..
an unique name, isn't it??
so let me get started..

me and best friend were wondering about this pizza store and we decided to go there and try..
they have some kinds of pizza and we tried Tuna Maya and 1001 Nights Pizza..

I can't describe much but I will try to..

this store has an unique and simple interior..
feel so homey XD

here are our pizzas, tuna maya and 1001 nights pizza..
tuna maya contains cheese, mayo and tuna..
1001 nights pizza (as my friend described) tastes like kebab and she liked it..

here's my tuna maya after being unwrapped..
so cheesy :9

a cute panties sticker, isn't it??

iced sjora, mango peach juice..

that's my short describe about panties pizza karawaci..
you can follow them on instagram and twitter @pantieskarawaci

sorry for my very bad english


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