Tuesday, September 16, 2014

amazing trip to Ujung Kulon on 4-6oct 2013

hai guys!!!!
long time since my last post (I guess I always say this every time I write a post :p)

this time I'm gonna share my trip to Ujung Kulon, Banten, Indonesia..
now I'm officially 23 y.o last August XD

ok back to the topic..
this trip was my first backpacking trip with my friends and they're all from District 15 Starbucks Indonesia's partners..

first was my friend asked me to join he and Fahri to UK (he wrote me this and he meant Ujung Kulon)..
and after my dad gave me permission to have that trip,I said yes to my friend..

so here we go!!

Ujung Kulon was a National Park which is located at Banten, Indonesia and it's well known with its rhinos and unfortunately we couldn't watch them while cano-ing..
we had this trip with Rafauli Trip (err.. I think we could call them as the event organiser) and others backpackers..

the first night was the night we're gonna start our trip by bus to Desa Sumur, Ujung Kulon and it took about 8 to 9 hours..
next day about 6 a.m we reached Desa Sumur and had our breakfast while waiting for the boat coming about an hour..

from the shore to the main boat, we used a small boat to reach it..

that's me :D

this is Fahri

Marcella and Calvin


it took about 3 to 4 hours on boat..
what a tiring trip, I think..
but after we reached the Pulau Peucang, I felt no tired anymore seeing the amazing view around me..
a very clear blue sea and white sand..
Indonesia still has so many beautiful place, the people just (maybe) don't appreciate it..
in their mind is just "international trip" (I guess)..
but sometimes international trip spends so much money on promotional tickets and I think people prefer spending money on international trip..

okay back to the topic..

some great views from the shore and I jumped into the clear sea..

here we are from Starbucks Indonesia District 15 + Calvin escaped from our weekend shift

and here's the National Park where bulls and peacocks live..

some of us woke up at dawn to watch the sunrise
even though we couldn't watch it properly, we still enjoyed the morning air and it was really cold

we did canoeing

we did snorkelling twice and these ones were the second one

Ujung Kulon is a great place, isn't it??


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