Friday, April 12, 2013

may I call it a tradition??

hai everybody.....
really got nothing to do but thinking about my thesis that's getting closer to its dateline >.<

here's the point of this posting...
I guess we all know how's our "tradition" and this is one of that "tradition"...
"tradition" of disobeying rules,hahaha..
I think you all had ever heard about "rules are made to be broke" statement and this is the example...

I went to one of companies at Jakarta for the production house's (where I'm having my internship) project..
after having workshop, the director and I waited for my internship supervisor and script writer finished smoking at the lobby before going back to the office..
and when I got nothing to do, I took this picture....

disobeying rule is a "tradition"

ps: sorry for my very bad english >.<


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